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      Madwave Vent Dry Bag M1110 06


      VENT DRY BAG is a very roomy ventilated inventory bag.
      The bag is made of mesh fabric, which allows air to pass through easily and allows things to dry much faster than in a regular sports bag or backpack.
      The bag is easily and quickly tightened with a strong cord with a clip.
      Shoulder straps can be adjusted in length, and a special loop on the top of the bag makes it easy to hang or carry in one hand.
      On the front of the bag is a spacious zippered pocket with a mesh insert, which can easily fit flip flops, glasses and a cap.

      High capacity - inventory, glasses, textiles and other swimming accessories can easily fit into the backpack;
      Ventilated compartments - the mesh structure of the fabric allows things to dry faster;
      Comfortable straps - allow you to use the product as a backpack.

      Color: Multicolor, Turquoise, Black, Blue, Pink, Red, Yellow
      Material: Polyester 100%
      Size: 65x50 cm
      # M1110 06

      Product TypeBags
      ColorBlack, Blue, Red, Yellow, Violet, Pink, Multicolor, Color Set 1
      Weight (KG)0.3 kg