Madwave SWMRN Neoprene Sleeveless Swimrun Wetsuit for Women Hybrid DSSS SLS M2013 05

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Categories: Madwave Triathlon & Open Water   Triathlon Swimwear   Swimming in Open Water  

      Madwave SWMRN Neoprene Sleeveless Swimrun Wetsuit for Women Hybrid DSSS SLS M2013 05

      Women's Clothing | Swim Run | Open Water Swimming


      The sleeveless swimrun wetsuit is made from 2mm neoprene for high mobility and ease of movement while swimming and running.
      The smooth Slip Fabric lining throughout the suit allows you to quickly remove and put on the suit, glides easily over the skin and does not stick to the body, helps remove moisture and maintains a comfortable microclimate inside the suit.

      3 mm thick neoprene on the belly, chest and front of the thighs provides additional buoyancy and stabilizes the body position in the water.
      Soft, stretchy 1.5mm neoprene in the groin area eliminates chafing and discomfort during swimming and running.

      With the correct size, the wetsuit fits snugly on the body, does not rub or restrict movement.
      The YKK ZIPPER zipper (Japan) is located at the front and has an external flap that prevents accidental unfastening, secured with Velcro.
      There is a small whistle built into the zipper slider to sound an audible signal.
      On the back there is a welt pocket for storing nutritional gel.

      The short cut of the wetsuit allows it to be used for swimrunning, freediving and other water sports in warm weather conditions.

      Ideal for swimrun - the wetsuit allows you to move freely while swimming and running;
      Additional buoyancy – maintaining optimal body position in the water;
      Neoprene of variable thickness - different thickness of neoprene in different functional areas of the wetsuit;
      Slip Fabric lining - glides over the skin and allows you to quickly take off and put on the suit;
      YKK ZIPPER zipper (Japan) – for quickly removing and unfastening the wetsuit even with one hand.

      XS | hip circumference 83-90 | waist circumference 60-64 | height 148-160 | chest girth 78-85 | weight 45-55
      S | hip circumference 90-94 | waist circumference 62-66 | height 158-170 | chest girth 85-90 | weight 50-55
      SL | hip circumference 92-96 | waist circumference 64-68 | height 170-176 | chest girth 87-92 | weight 56-64
      M | hip circumference 96-100 | waist circumference 68-74 | height 164-176 | chest girth 92-100 | weight 62-68
      ML | hip circumference 98-104 | waist circumference 70-76 | height 176-182 | chest girth 92-102 | weight 62-71
      L | hip circumference 104-110 | waist circumference 76-86 | height 168-176 | chest girth 100-108 | weight 71-83
      LL | hip circumference 106-112 | waist circumference 80-86 | height 176-182 | chest girth 102-110 | weight 83-90
      XL | hip circumference 112-118 | waist circumference 86-96 | height 170-182 | chest girth 108-113 | weight 89-95
      2XL | hip circumference 116-120 | waist circumference 94-100 | height 176+ | chest girth 114-120 | weight 95+

      Material: (neoprene 100%), (polyester 87%, spandex 13%)
      Color: Black/Green
      Size: XS (1 01W), S (2 01W), SL (3 01W), M (4 01W), ML (5 01W), L (6 01W), LL (7 01W), XL (8 01W), 2XL (9 01W)
      Weight: 0.75kg
      # M2013 05

      Weight (KG)0.26 kg
      SportRunning, Swimming
      Product TypeSwimwear
      SizesXS, S, SL, M, ML, L, LL, XL, 2XL