Madwave Neoprene Jammers SWMRN Buoyancy M2023 11

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Categories: Madwave Triathlon & Open Water   Swimming in Open Water  

      Madwave Neoprene Jammers SWMRN Buoyancy M2023 11

      Unisex Clothing | Swimrun | Open Water Swimming | Neoprene Jammers


      Unisex SWMRN buoyancy neoprene jammers are designed specifically for swimruns - they are comfortable to run and swim in.
      Jammers are ideal for those looking for comfortable and effective swimrun equipment.
      Jammers help you take an optimal position in the water during the swim, and also do not hinder your movement during the running stage.

      Swimrun shorts are made from eco-friendly Korean JAKO neoprene.
      Jako neoprene is an elastic and wear-resistant material that provides thermal insulation and increases buoyancy.
      5mm thick neoprene on the front of the thighs creates optimal buoyancy and lifts the legs.
      The Glideskin outer coating promotes better glide in water and prevents the top layer of fabric from getting wet.

      In the same area on the reverse side there are internal mesh pockets.
      If you need to raise your legs more, these pockets can accommodate an additional layer of neoprene or any other material that increases buoyancy.

      3mm thick DSSS neoprene in the abdomen and back of the thighs provides flexibility and freedom of movement while running.
      The back surface of the trousers has a bright signal color making the swimmer more visible.
      This is especially important in low light or heavy traffic conditions on the water.

      There is a small pocket with a flap in the lower back area.
      You can store small items such as energy gels, glasses or a cap in it to keep your hands free during the running phase.

      A flat drawstring inside the waistband allows you to adjust the fit.
      At the bottom of the legs there are fasteners that can be used to shorten the length of the shorts.

      XS | hip circumference 85-89 | height 168
      S | hip circumference 89-93 | height 172
      M | hip circumference 93-97 | height 176
      L | hip circumference 97-101 | height 180
      XL | hip circumference 101-105 | height 184
      2XL | hip circumference | 105-109 | height 188

      Material: nylon 5%, neoprene 95%
      Color: Black
      Size: XS (3 01W) S (4 01W), M (5 01W), L (6 01W), XL (7 01W), 2XL (8 01W)
      Weight: 0.75kg
      # M2023 11

      Product TypeShorts, Swimwear
      SizeXS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL
      Weight (KG)0.75 kg