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      Madwave Fitness Stick Star M0827 02

      Fitness | Aqua stick| Boxing | Martial Arts | Stick


      Aqua stick is a universal inventory item that is widely used in aqua fitness, water aerobics, hydrotherapy, as well as for a variety of active games in the pool and on land.
      Aqua Star stick is made of polyethylene, which provides flexibility, lightness and buoyancy.
      Due to these properties, a standard sized aqua stick can hold a person on the surface of the water.

      Aqua stick Star are available in two sizes:
      - (1) children's water sticks 6.5x80 cm,
      - (2) universal 6.5x160 cm.

      - swimming training;
      - strength training and leg work techniques;
      - rehabilitation after injuries, operations and diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
      - to maintain the body on the water during exercise on the muscles of the legs in water aerobics;
      - breathing training;
      - training of arms and upper body;
      - increased load on the abdominal muscles;
      - exercises for coordination and balance;
      - on land for a preliminary warm-up before training;
      - on land for martial arts.

      100% Polyethylene (PE) - the material combines resistance to mechanical damage, ideal buoyancy, lightness and flexibility;
      Ideal for aqua fitness - the simulator is ideal for aqua fitness classes;
      Presented in two sizes - baby aqua sticks 6.5x80 cm, universal 6.5x160 cm.

      Composition: Polyethylene - 100%
      Color: Green, Yellow, Red, Blue
      # M0827 02

      ColorBlue, Yellow, Green, Pink
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