Fighttech Plyometric Box Safe SJ3

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      Fighttech Plyometric Box Safe SJ3

      Functional Training | Plyometric Boxes | Jumping on Tumba


      Safety box for jumping from birch plywood 15 mm - universal projectile, three heights 50 cm, 60 cm, 75 cm.
      A distinctive feature of the standard pedestals made of plywood is the use of special EPE (foamed polyethylene) and a PVC cover of 650 g / m3.
      Thanks to this, the curbstone becomes less traumatic when performing high-speed jumps.

      Plyobox is used primarily for jumping, which develops explosive muscle strength.
      Due to the special design, it makes it possible to use 3 different heights for jumping (75, 60 and 50 cm), so both a beginner and a trained athlete can work with the same apparatus.
      You just need to turn the cabinet over to the other side and thereby change the height!


      Made of moisture resistant birch plywood.
      Has an internal center baffle for added strength.
      For ease of grip and movement, there are special holes on the projectile.
      Delivered unassembled.

      Weight: 32kg
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