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      Fight Expert Boxing Punching Paddles BPWL

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      A series of professional equipment FX Boxing.
      Designed using 3D computer modeling and manufactured from new generation high-tech materials.
      When using boxing rackets, the impact load on the hands and shoulder joint of the trainer is removed.

      Internal filler foam rubber EVA.
      Very light (4 times lighter than ordinary PVC), plastic (returns to its original shape), does not absorb water (remains dry), absorbs stress and softens shock, hygienic (mold or fungus does not start in it), resistant to temperature changes (does not changes its structure in the temperature range from -65 to +85°C).

      The compact design is ideal for practicing movement, speed, defense and combinations.
      Made from new generation micro-stretch leather “FX Leather”.
      Anatomically correct handles with a secure grip and loop, keep the paws in place even during the most intense workouts.

      Color: White
      Size: 35cm
      Material: FX Leather
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