Fairtex Dummy Maddox II

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      Mannequin Fairtex Maddox II.

      Perhaps the best dummy for practicing techniques for BJJ, grappling and MMA.
      All other analogs do not tolerate any criticism against the background of this perfect model.
      This option has both hands and feet, which allows you to hone a variety of wrestling techniques.
      Also it should be noted that the manufacturer has very competently approached the choice of a posture in which a mannequin can be planted.
      Made of Fairtex Maddox II made of special high-quality synthetic leather.
      Thanks to this very durable material, the manikin is easy to clean.
      The system of hands and feet of the dummy allows you to perform the lever of the elbow, kimura, american, triangle, various asphyxiating, as well as some painful on the legs and changing positions.
      But it should be remembered that the dummy is not designed for hard hitting.
      The stuffing of this training system is designed in such a way as to bring the dummy as close as possible to the human body.
      Dimensions of the dummy: height - 190cm, weight - 30kg.

      Product TypeHardware
      SportJujitsu, Wrestling
      Weight (KG)30 kg