Winning Верх SS WF-H

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    Winning Верх SS WF-H

    Унисекс Одежда | Футболка Бузрукавка


    • Футболка, для тренировочного процесса.
    • Гладкий Soft Touch материал, поддержка мышц (компрессия) и эффект теплоизоляции при носке, способствует потливости/влаговыделению, уменьшению вероятности травм в мышцах.
    • Стирабельная футболка, отличное обезвоживание (дегидратация) после сушки.
    • Материал 90% полиэстер, 10% полиуретан.

    # WF-H

    Winning Top SS WF-H

    Unisex Apparel | Sleeveless


    • Perfect fit suits during practice.
    • Smooth soft touch, muscle support and wear thermal insulation effect and promotes sweating, sweating and prevent injuries, such as muscle.
    • Also washable, excellent dewatering after drying.
    • E.g. in the morning and wear and washing can reduce luggage etc. for practice t-shirt in training camp and camp dehydration after the wear is available from noon.
    • Material is 90% polyester, 10% polyurethane.

    # WF-H

    Brand Winning
    Product Type Short Sleeve Tops
    Sport Training
    Sex/Gender Unisex
    Size S, M, L, XL
    Color Black
    Weight (KG) 0.2 kg

    Categories: Winning Top with short sleeves Top with short sleeves

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