UFC Headgear Training 14616P BK

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    UFC Boxing/MMA Headgear Training Black Color 14616P BK

    Boxing Head Protection/Guard for Training with Full Protection

    Training Sparring Helmet - Head Protection - Chin - Cheeks


    UFC Helmet provides maximum protection, comfort and visibility athlete during training sparring.
    UFC helmet is suitable for athletes involved in mixed martial arts (MMA), and for novice boxers.
    Training obespechivat helmet chin and jaw protection of the athlete.
    EVA foam Napolitelem appears >span class="hps" data-redactor-span="true">UFC makes >span class="hps" data-redactor-span="true">more flexibility and udarogashenie.
    >span class="hps" data-redactor-span="true">helmet is made of quick-drying and breathable fabric.
    Protective helmet on his head is regulated by UFC convenient Velcro Velsro, and >span class="hps" data-redactor-span="true">head with lacing >span class="hps" data-redactor-span="true">allows you to adjust >span class="hps" data-redactor-span="true">to the individual characteristics of the head athlete.

    Material: Vinyl
    Color: Black
    # 14616P BK

    Brand UFC
    Product Type Headgear
    Sport Boxing, MMA
    Size S, M, L, XL
    Color Black
    Weight (KG) 0.6 kg

    Categories: UFC Training Headgear MMA Headgear

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