Twins Boxing Headgear Training HGL3

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    Twins Boxing Headgear Training Full Coverage HGL3

    Boxing| MMA | Training Head Guard with Full Protection | Full-Face Training Headgear


    This Twins Special Head Gear- Premium Leather has additional padding in the chin and cheek areas; it allows for a reasonable range-of-vision while still offering a high degree of protection.
    It is designed for full contact sparring.
    It holds up to the punishment dished out by world-class MMA fighters.
    The firm, high-density foam padding and greater face coverage increase safety and improve the balance between comfort and shock absorption.
    All Twins Special products are made from the highest quality materials; and will give you the performance and long-lasting strength you would expect from the company that set the standard in the world of the Fighting Arts.
    The craftsmanship and functionality of Twins Special Head Gear- Premium Leather is unmatched.
    Regardless of your field of training; Muay Thai, western boxing, MMA, or personal self-defense you will not find finer quality leather Head Gear- Premium Leather anywhere.
    Twins Special is known for an unparallel level of variety and aesthetic creativity.
    All of our Head Gear- Premium Leather are made from one-hundred percent leather and top-of-the-line high density padding.

    S (19-20.5in; 48-52 CM)
    M (21-22in; 53-60 CM)
    L (22.5-23in; 57-58 CM)
    XL (23.5-24in; 59-61 CM)

    Material: Leather
    # HGL-3 (HGL3)

    Brand Twins
    Product Type Headgear
    Sport Boxing
    Size S, M, L, XL
    Color Black, Blue, Red
    Weight (KG) 0.6 kg
    Material Leather

    Categories: Twins Boxing Headgear Training Headgear

    Tags: boxing headgear

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