SPR Boxing Trainer Sticks SBST

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    SPR Boxing Trainer Sticks SBST


    Coaching sticks are designed for practicing attacking and defensive actions.
    Make your ward move and always be on the alert!
    Unlike tactical paws, the poles allow alternating attacking and defensive actions at higher speeds, completely removing the load from the trainer's elbows.
    The sticks are covered with durable imitation leather and for convenience are provided with loops.
    To give elasticity inside the gasket is a plastic core.

    Complete set: 2 sticks
    Size: Length 60 cm; Diameter 4 cm
    Material: Leatherette, Penoizol, Polypropylene
    1 year warranty
    # SBST

    Brand SPR
    Product Type Accessories
    Sport Boxing, MMA
    Color Yellow
    Weight (KG) 0.4 kg

    Categories: SPR Martial Arts Boxing Punch Mitts MMA Лапы

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