Rehband Shorts Core Line 7701

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    Rehband Shorts Core Line 7701

    Unisex Apparel | Shorts for All Sports


    Rehband Compression Shorts are the perfect companion to help you Power Your Performance.
    They will help you optimise your training and play, as well as help you in your recovery.
    Rehband Compression Shorts are designed to support this key area of the body throughout training and on race day.
    Suitable for wear under competition uniforms, has engineered the fit of this short to provide equal support to all regions of the upper leg - a particularly high stress and often injury stricken area.
    Warming, protecting compression shorts for all sports.
    Compression shorts to protect upper leg, hip and groin area against injury during sports and training.
    Designed using Polyester and Spandex, Rehband compression shorts give a tight and comfortable fit to maximise blood flow, helping to prevent strains and damage and improve performance.

    Small (S): 90 - 96 cm.
    Medium (M): 96 - 102 cm.
    Large (L): 102 - 109 cm.
    eXtra Large (XL): 109 - 114 cm.
    2 eXtra Large (2XL): 114 - 120 cm.
    3 eXtra Large (3XL): 120 - 126 cm.

    Core Line (Rehband Product Lines):
    Core Line is specially developed for athletes and seriously active people.
    To put if briefly, it’s a more defined sport range than Basic Line.
    With Core Line you get comfort, function and security in a whole new way.
    The 3D design gives perfect fit, the products offers warmth, compression and stability and you feel safe during exercise.
    Just like Basic Line, the products are available for all parts of the body, but we have also developed special products for handball, volleyball and other sports.

    Function: Compression, Warmth
    Sports: All Sports
    Side: Unisex
    Material: 16 % Spandex, 84 % Polyester
    Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
    # 7701

    Brand Rehband
    Product Type Compression, Shorts
    Sport Training
    Sex/Gender Unisex
    Size S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL
    Color Black, White, Blue, Red
    Weight (KG) 0.2 kg
    Special for Thigh

    Categories: Functional Clothing Shorts Shorts Underclothes Functional Clothing Нательное Белье Нательное Белье Underclothes Нательное Белье Нательное Белье Нательное Белье Нательное Белье Нательное Белье Underwear Нательное Белье Нательное Белье Нательное Белье Thigh

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