Gaponez Boxing Bag Uppercut 90x35cm GHBU

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    GAPONEZ Апперкот - Мешок боксерский

    Идеален для отработки ударов снизу.

    Непревзойденное качество - нет прогибания или свисания - остается цилиндрическим. Идет с цепями и креплениями для вывешивания.

    Цвет: Черный


    GAPONEZ Leather Uppercut Heavy Bag

    Ideal for working on hooks and uppercuts.

    Approx. 55 lbs. weight is professionally packed inside an extra heavy-duty triple-reinforced leather cover with seatbelt quality nylon straps for hanging. Unsurpassed quality - no sagging or drooping - stays cylindrical. Comes with chain and swivel for hanging.

    Color: Black
    Size: 14" x 36"
    Weight: Approx 55 Lbs. (Filled)

    Brand GAPONEZ
    Product Type Hardware
    Sport Boxing
    Color Black
    Weight (KG) 5 kg
    Material Leather

    Categories: Апперкот Мешки Uppercut Bags

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