Gaponez Boxing Timer Sparmate EET-02

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    Gaponez Boxing Timer Sparmate EET-02


    Installation: Ensure the right voltage supply and plug in the lead.
    Visual Indication: The Timer has RED, YELLOW & GREEN Lights on the top of the cover which give the following indications:
    GREEN LIGHT - Shows the Workout time and this light stay illuminated until 30 seconds remaining in the Round.
    YELLOW LIGHT - This light comes ON when 30 seconds remain in the round & at this moment a whistle sound will come and green light will go OFF.
    RED LIGHT - Red light comes ON when the timer is first swithched on (during delay start period) and also stay lit during REST period. At the end of work period GREEN Light will go OFF & RED light will illuminate.
    Work Round: Set the Work Round to 1, 2 or 3 minute as per your need and turn the OFF/ON switch to ON position.
    Delay Start: When the Timer is initially turned ON there is a 5 second delay before the bell rings to indicate the start of the Round. During this time the RED light will Illuminate.
    Rest Period: Rest Period can be chosen between 30 or 60 seconds with the flip of a switch.
    NOTE: We have used automotive light bulbs which can be easily replaced and are available at most automobile stores.
    CAUTION: Do not drop or mishandle the Timer as it can get damaged.

    Size: 18 x 28.5 x 10 sm (height x length x width)
    # EET-02

    Brand GAPONEZ
    Product Type Watches
    Sport Boxing
    Weight (KG) 2.566 kg

    Categories: Gaponez Boxing Timers & Gongs Boxing Timers

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