Gaponez Boxing Gym Clock Timer 220V EET-11

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    Gaponez Boxing Gym Clock Timer 220V EET-11


    Installation: Hang the clock on the wall with the key hole provided at the back. Ensure the right supply voltage and plug in the lead.
    Work Round: Work Round is of 3 Minute.
    Rest Period: Rest Period is of 1 Minute.
    Control Box: It has a three position switch indicating RESET/OFF/START and hangs with a 3m long cable.
    START: When the switch is initially turned on to START position there is a loud Buzzer sound to indicate the start of the Round.
    REST: At the end of Round the buzzer will sound again indicating the start of Rest period of 1 Minute. This is shown as red segment on the dial.
    Special Note: When the switch is at START position, after the end of the first Round and REST period the new Round will start automatically and this will go on and on. When the switch at RESET position the clock will stop after the end of first ROUND & REST period.
    CAUTION: Do not drop or mishandle the Timer as it can get damaged.

    Diameter - 35 sm
    # EET-11

    Brand GAPONEZ
    Product Type Watches
    Sport Boxing
    Weight (KG) 3 kg

    Categories: Gaponez Boxing Timers & Gongs Boxing Timers

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