Fight Expert Boxing Heavy Freestanding Bag TLS-O

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    Fight Expert Boxing Heavy Freestanding Bag TLS-O

    Boxing | Training Outdoor Heavy Bag


    A massive simulator with a diameter of about 60 cm, a height of 170 cm will provide maximum work with arms and legs for a person of any age, height and level of training.
    The durable core is covered with dense, multi-layered filler and covered with high-quality artificial leather, which provides excellent cushioning during impacts.
    The bowl-shaped plastic base is attached to the central axis of the simulator, this allows the bag to deflect and return at the moment of attack.
    The rounded bottom base conveniently fills with water, sand, or a combination of both - the more weight in the base, the less back and forth movement of the unit on impact - for perfect stability and stability.
    The unique shape of the machine allows it to be tilted slightly and easily rolled onto the training ground.

    Material: leatherette, plastic, PVC
    Package size: 42x42x144cm, 58.5x58. 5x56cm (0.446m3)
    Packed weight: 21 kg
    Production: China
    Colour: Black
    Size: 180cm/60cm
    # TLS-O

    Brand Fight Expert
    Sport Boxing
    Color Black
    Weight (KG) 21 kg
    Product Type Punching Bags

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