Everlast Boxing Focus Pad Mantis 7408B

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    Everlast Boxing Focus Pad Mantis 7408B

    Boxing Paw Curved | Punching Mitt


    This model of a boxing paw has a curved shape, a dense foam filler.
    The curved shape of the boxing foot allows for a greater ability to absorb shocks in the anatomically correct position of the trainer's hand.

    A paw in the shape of a "mantis claw" designed for boxing training.
    A small striking surface allows you to work out the sense of time and hone the speed of blows.

    The smaller surface area of the boxer's paw helps develop the boxer's coordination and speedy combinations of punches.
    The paw allows you to develop the accuracy and speed of the athlete's blows.

    Modern gel material dissipates impact energy and protects hands during training.
    The moisture-wicking and anti-microbial lining keeps you fresh and fights bacteria growth, extending the life of your boxing gear.
    The praying mantis shape and new soft wrist support provide superior hand safety and comfort.
    A mesh back provides breathability and comfort, while an antimicrobial lining keeps you fresh and fights bacteria growth.

    Sold by the piece, with a hand mount.

    Material: Leatherette
    Сolor: Black
    # 7408B

    Brand Everlast
    Product Type Punching Mitts
    Sport Boxing
    Color Black
    Weight (KG) 0.35 kg

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