Adidas Тяжелая Атлетика Обувь Adistar Weightlift 041982

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    Adidas Тяжелая Атлетика Обувь Adistar Weightlifting 041982

    Мужская Обувь - Атлетки

    Тяжелая Атлетика Штангетки Адистар


    Данный штангетки были специально созданы для тренировок.
    Полностью резиновые подметки с плоскими профилями для максимального контакта пола и обеспечения правильной позиции ног.

    • Жесткая пятка
    • Тройная застёжка на липучке midfoot
    • Деревянный клин пятки обеспечивает бескомпромиссную надежность
    • Перфорированная поверхность
    • Резиновая подметка

    # 041982

    Adidas Weightlifting Shoes Adistar Weightlift 041982

    Men's Weightlifting Footwear


    The good folks at adidas took into account all things critical when they created the adidas adiStar men's weightlifting shoes. From the ground up, these superior shoes are crafted to give you top performance when you need it most. So, the question begs, what is critical when it comes to weightlifting? Stability is foremost, since the wrong kind of footwear can cause your ankles to start to shake as they try to maintain your balance, and if it goes too far? Well, let's just say that it won't be pretty, and you'll be spending a lot more time delivering motivational speeches than you will be lifting weights. Not fun.

    The adidas adiStar men's weightlifting shoes are meant to take care of business. That crucial stability is ensured, thanks to a wooden wedge in the heel, and the sturdy, flat rubber outsole will give you top traction. Of course, no weightlifting shoe is complete without a perfect fit, and the adidas adiStar men's weightlifting shoes feature not only a lacing structure, but three Velcro straps to make certain that the midfoot is snug and supported. If you take your weightlifting seriously, then get the shoes that feel the same way: the adidas adiStar men's weightlifting shoes!

    • Triple Velcro midfoot straps ensure great fit and support
    • Wooden heel wedge gives uncompromising stability
    • Perforated leather upper offers ventilation and durability
    • Rubber outsole provides great traction

    # 041982

    Brand Adidas
    Product Type Shoes
    Sport Weightlifting
    Sex/Gender Male
    Weight (KG) 1.1 kg
    Color Grey
    Best for Indoor

    Categories: Adidas Weightlifting Shoes Shoes Weightlifting Shoes

    Tags: weightlifting shoes

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