Adidas Originals Shoes Porsche Design S2 099371

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    Adidas Originals Footwear Porsche Design S2 099371


    By no means do you have to own a Porsche to enjoy the sleek Porsche Design S men's motorsport shoes.
    Even if you can't afford a high-performance luxury sports car, you can still fully appreciate the low-profile comfort and distinct design that make the Porsche Design S men's motorsport shoes a pair of high-performance, luxury footwear.
    When two companies known for their high-quality products and brilliant design innovations, Porsche and adidas, combine to create a pair of shoes, your feet are sure to look a whole lot cooler for the cooperation.

    Inspired by the designs of sweet vintage sports cars, the Porsche Design S men's motorsport shoes look as good as you knew they would, whether you own one of those automotive treasures or not.
    You don't need to own a Porsche to appreciate the Porsche Design S, but their high-class style just might convince the cutie at the end of the bar that you've got one.

    Sleek leather upper with contrasting stripe accents is both durable and well-ventilated.
    Standout Porsche design logo for a unique touch.
    Long-lasting rubber sole provides damage-resistant structure.
    Contemporary tooling and modern profile design provide a high quality Porsche distinction.
    Slip-on mid hi style in a boot look adds classy style.
    Versatile tread pattern for steady traction on most surfaces.

    Colour: White/Grey
    # 099371

    Brand Adidas Originals
    Product Type Shoes
    Sport Lifestyle
    Size (US) 9.5, 11, 11.5
    Sex/Gender Male
    Material Leather
    Weight (KG) 1 kg
    Color White

    Categories: Adidas Originals Driving Men's Shoes Shoes Автоспорт/Мотоспорт Обувь M

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