Adidas Boxing Gloves adiSpeed adiSBG501PRO WH

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    Adidas Boxing Gloves adiSpeed adiSBG501PRO WH

    Boxing | Velcro Training Gloves


    Boxing gloves of the Speed collection are made of 100% genuine leather of the highest quality.
    This model was developed together with professional boxers.
    Gloves have 3 layers of different foam, as well as one additional layer for fixation and support of the hand.
    The foam filler has a Japanese component, which perfectly absorbs shocks.
    Other layers are aimed at absorbing and distributing energy from impacts over the entire plane of the gloves.
    Professional fist clenching by default.
    The glove's slogan "Only for the best athletes" lives up to these gloves.

    100% high quality genuine leather.
    3 layers of balanced foam layer.
    One layer has a "memory" property.
    Comfortable and comfortable grip.
    Professional approach.
    The design was developed in collaboration with professionals.
    The highest level of production.

    I-COMFORT+ technology: makes the material anti-allergic and anti-slip.
    Provides rapid evaporation of liquid from the surface of the body.
    The technology provides maximum comfort to the athlete.

    Material: Leather
    Color: White/Silver/Red/Blue
    Weight: 12, 14, 16, 18oz
    # adiSBG501Pro WH

    Option Hook-and-Loop
    Brand Adidas
    Color White
    Weight (KG) 0.8 kg
    Material Leather
    Sport Boxing
    Product Type Gloves
    Weight (OZ) 12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz, 18 oz

    Categories: Adidas Boxing Gloves Training

    Tags: boxing gloves

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