Everlast Boxing Freestanding Punch Bag Reflex P00003065

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      Everlast Boxing Freestanding Punch Bag Reflex P00003065


      Train your speed, hand-eye coordination and timing with.
      The large bulb and bottom-mounted spring for increased rebound speed make this projectile ideal for beginners.
      The base is easily filled with sand or water to keep the pear securely in place.
      A foam-lined neck provides additional protection during impacts on the move.
      Autonomous mobile bag, develops speed, accuracy.

      The training bag is designed to hone your reaction speed and timing.
      The projectile allows beginners and professionals to work out strikes in the gym and at home.
      Thanks to finely tuned springs and a flexible hinge system, the punching bag is extremely stable and will not fall even with very strong impacts.
      Moving freely around the bag, you use the entire complex of muscles, adjusting your cardio load, burning calories, and also training coordination.

      Main characteristics:

      Case made of high quality genuine leather;
      Large range of pear height adjustment;
      The bag can be filled with sand or water;
      The base is made of thickened plastic.

      Adjustable punching bag height: 120 - 157 cm.
      Molded foam ball.
      Steel post for maximum resistance.
      The base can be weighted with water or sand for excellent stability.
      Develop hand speed, accuracy and timing.

      Color: Black
      Size: 120-157cm
      # P00003065

      Product TypePunching Bags
      Weight (KG)25 kg