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      Everlast Boxing Gloves-Pads | Catch & Release Mitts EVCS

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      Universal trainer paws-gloves for practicing hitting techniques and combat tactics.
      Made of genuine leather and designed for daily intensive work.
      The sealed cuff reliably supports the wrist, and the antibacterial impregnation prevents the formation of moisture, unpleasant odors, and most importantly - prolongs the life of the equipment.
      A circle is drawn on the palm to make it easier for the partner to concentrate on the goal.
      The paws, combined with gloves, allow you to create combat conditions close to real ones, and, in addition, protect the athlete's head from accidental injuries during training.

      Unique design features a boxing glove combined with a padded mitt to aid trainers in perfecting a fighter's offense and defense.
      Mesh palm around mitt target pad allows for increased breathability and heat management.
      Features C3 Foam to add maximum impact absorption and hand safety.
      Ideal for sparring and mitt work.
      Made of high-quality leather.
      Approximately 14 OZ.
      Sold in pairs.

      Material: Leather
      Weight: ~ 14oz
      # EVCS (171101)

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