Madwave Swimming Latex Rope Short Belt M0771 04

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      Madwave Swimming Latex Rope Short Belt M0771 04

      Swimming Equipment | Rubber


      Mad Wave's SHORT BELT has been designed to help improve your push-off technique.
      Comes in three different resistances.

      The belt with an elastic cable Short Belt allows you to train in a stationary position even in a small pool.
      The simulator is securely and conveniently attached to the waist with a special belt with an adjustable clasp; at the end of the cable there is a loop for fastening to the side of the pool.
      With the help of this simulator you can work on the technique of strokes and work out the pushes from the edge of the side, develop endurance and strength.
      For strength training, you should try to swim, maximally stretching the cable, overcoming resistance.
      To improve the technology, you do not need to strive to stretch the cable, it is enough that you will swim near the side, and the coach will be able to observe you.

      Each load level corresponds to a certain color of the simulator, you can choose the resistance level you need (be sure to consult with the trainer to select the load):
      Resistance 3.6 to 10.8 kg - green color of the simulator (adolescents and adults of intermediate level);
      Resistance from 5.4 to 14.1 kg - red color of the simulator (adults, experienced swimmers);
      Resistance from 9.1 to 20.4 kg - black color of the simulator (for professionals).

      Reliable and comfortable fit - an ergonomic belt and a special fastener provide a secure and comfortable fit;
      Simulator with resistance - the simulator provides additional resistance in the water, allowing you to increase the strength of the swimmer and his endurance;
      Improves technique - the simulator allows you to effectively work out the technique of repulsion from the side;
      Compactness - the exercise machine with ease will be located in a bag or a backpack for swimming.

      Composition: Latex, Nylon, Polypropylene
      # M0771 04 3 00W (Green)
      # M0771 04 4 00W (Red)
      # M0771 04 6 00W (Black)

      Product TypeAccessories
      ColorBlack, Red, Green
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