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Categories: Shoes for swimming   Shoes   Footwear for the Swimming Pool  

      Madwave Slides Standart 2.0 M0320 07


      Men's slides Standart II is a universal footwear, suitable both for the pool and for outdoor activities.
      The ergonomic shape of the model guarantees comfort and an excellent fit.
      The water-repellent top of the shale from PVC has holes for good air exchange.
      The sole, made of soft and durable material, provides good cushioning while walking and excellent grip with a wet surface.

      Material EVA - provides increased wear resistance, balanced buoyancy and comfort in use;
      Made of PVC (PVC) - the material combines high resistance to mechanical damage, lightness and flexibility;
      Anti-slip sole - provides the best grip even with wet tile floor;
      Ideal fit - the ergonomic shape is suitable for any foot, providing the best fit.

      # M0320 07

      Product TypeSlides
      Size (US)8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
      Weight (KG)0.42 kg
      ColorBlue, Green, Silver