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      Everlast Shin-Instep Guards HSIF ESHN

      Hand-to-Hand Fighting Sport | Shin and Foot Protection


      Protection of the shins and feet Everlast is made of artificial leather, which increases strength and increases the service life of the product.
      Protective shields are fused (the shins and feet are not detached from each other).
      The inner insert of the molded polyurethane absorbs some of the enemy's impact force.
      Fastening to the leg with the help of two Velcro.
      Protection of the shin and foot Everlast HSIF PU for hand-to-hand combat.
      In this defense, you can not only sparring, but also work out blows on boxing bags.
      Approved by HSIF (International Federation of Hand-to-Hand Combat).
      The insert material is molded polyurethane foam.

      It is executed in the form factor of flaps-half feet;
      A small weight of 350 to 500 grams;
      Two wide elastic bands: on the heel and from the lower part of the foot and two braids on the velcro around the lower leg;
      The outer surface is made of high-quality wear-resistant artificial leather;
      The inner surface is made of dense cotton fabric;

      Color: Red, Blue
      Size: S, M, L
      Material: 100% artificial leather
      Upper Material: Polyurethane
      Lining Material: foam filler
      Filler Material: Nylon
      Type of fixation: Velcro
      # ESHN (RF7150; RF7250)

      Product TypeShin Guards
      SportHand-to-hand Fighting
      SizeS, M, L
      ColorBlue, Red
      Weight (KG)0.51 kg