Cleto Reyes Boxing Pelvic Groin-Abdominal Protector RWPP

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Categories: Разное   Boxing Groin Guards   MMA Защита Паха  

      Cleto Reyes Pelvic Protector RWPP

      Female Equipment | Women Groin-Abdominal | Boxing


      • Slim design for female protection of lower and mid abdomen.
      • Manufactured with leather and latex foam padding.
      • Precise waist support, velcro closure.
      • Comfortable elastic fit for legs.

      Material: Leather
      Size: S (28-30"), M (32-34"), L (36-38")
      # E398, E399, E400

      BrandCleto Reyes
      Product TypeBelt
      SizeS, M, L
      ColorWhite, Red, Pink
      Weight (KG)0.51 kg