Buy Asics Обувь SONICSPRINT G403Y-0743

article #G403Y-0743
article #G403Y-0743
article #G403Y-0743
article #G403Y-0743
article #G403Y-0743
article #G403Y-0743
article #G403Y-0743
article #G403Y-0743
article #G403Y-0743
article #G403Y-0743
article #G403Y-0743
article #G403Y-0743
article #G403Y-0743
article #G403Y-0743
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Categories: Шиповки   Shoes   Shoes   Шиповки  

      Asics Обувь Легкоатлетическая SONICSPRINT G403Y-0743



      • Шиповки для профессиональных спринтеров.
      • Полноразмерная шипованная пластина из пебакса повышает легкость модели, износостойкость и сцепление с любой поверхностью.
      • Синтетическая кожа.
      • Kегкость, комфорт, воздухопроницаемость и великолепная посадка.
      • Съемные шипы, которые можно менять, если они износились.

      Вес : 165 g
      Основной материал : Synthetic

      # G403Y-0743

      Asics Shoes Track-and-Field SONICSPRINT G403Y-0743

      Athletics Spike's


      Whether you're taking on 100m, 200m or the short hurdles, the SONICSPRINT is the spike of choice for high-level sprinters.

      Hit top speed in the blink of an eye and stay at maximum velocity until you hit the finish line. It's only for a few seconds, but this spike backs you up from gun to finish line.

      • Hit top speed fast with a sturdy Pebax Plate as your solid platform
      • Get the perfect 6-pin configuration for sprinters
      • Burn the curve with a form-fitting, supportive and lightweight upper


      Whether it's the 100m, 200m, or the short hurdles - the SonicSprint is ideal for top level sprinters seeking a high performance shoe for fast times on the track. The sturdy Pebax Plate of the SonicSprint provides a great platform for building speed from the gun. The removable 6-pin spike configuration is positioned to the exact needs of sprinters for start, push, and finish. The form-fitting upper of the SonicSprint model features lightweight yet supportive synthetic leather for enhanced control when burning the curve. Comes with 6mm pyramid spikes and wrench. Weight: 5.1 oz (with pins, based on size 10).

      # G403Y-0743

      Product TypeShoes, Spikes
      SportTrack & Field
      Size (US)6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 13
      Weight (KG)0.5 kg
      Best forCompetition