Asics T-Shirt Inner Muscle™ SS Top 110489

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article # 110489-0904
article # 110489-0904
article # 110489-0904
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      Asics Inner Muscle™ SS Top 110489

      Women's Apparel | T-Shirt Short Sleeve | Training | Running | Compression Top


      Comfortable design and faster recovery time

      Designed to improve your posture when you run, the unique muscle support technology in this short sleeve top helps increase your range of shoulder movement and open up the chest for easier breathing.
      It means you'll take in more oxygen, helping to improve your performance during a run and speeding your recovery afterwards.
      Plus, you'll be able to:

      • keep dry on your run with Motion Dry technology to keep you comfortable
      • let you breathe freely/strong> by keeping your shoulder blades in the correct position, opening up your chest and straightening your spine for improved lung capacity

      ASICS® Inner Muscle™ Short Sleeve compression top features a unique diamond shape panel on the back that keeps the shoulder blades and spine aligned properly, opening up your rib cage for enhanced lung capacity as well as increased range of motion in your shoulder and arms - something athletes of every level can benefit from.

      Inner Muscletechnology:
      A highly elasticized diamond shape panel at the back keeps the shoulder blade in the correct position, opens up the chest and straightens the spine for increased range of shoulder movement, easier arm swing and increased lung capacity

      # 110489-0904

      Product TypeCompression, Short Sleeve Tops
      SportRunning, Training
      SizeXS, S, M, L
      Weight (KG)0.25 kg