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      Asics Обувь GEL-EXERT TR S410N-9099

      Мужская Обувь | Тренировка | Кроссовки | Фитнес

      Тренировочные кроссовки, которые обеспечат вам высокую скорость и исключительную манёвренность


      Лёгкие кроссовки GEL-EXERT TR прекрасно подойдут для любых видов тренировок, направленных на развитие скорости и манёвренности.

      Благодаря превосходной поддержке по бокам эти кроссовки повысят вашу манёвренность на площадке.

      Низкий профиль кроссовка и уменьшение подошвы в области пятки на 6 мм обеспечивают превосходное чувство поверхности.

      Верх из лёгкого, воздухопроницаемого полиуретанового материала обеспечит износостойкость и высочайший уровень комфорта.

      Rearfoot GEL Cushioning System/ASICS Гель (специальный вид силикона) в пятке,поглощает удар, снижает нагрузку на пятку, колени и позвоночник спортсмена.

      Специальный материал подошвы не оставляет следов на покрытии площадки.

      Вес : 269 g
      Основной материал : Textile
      # S410N-9099

      Asics Shoes GEL-EXERT TR S410N-9099

      Men's Footwear | Fitness | Training


      The GEL-EXERT TR is a lightweight training shoe designed for all types of speed and agility training.
      It gives you excellent lateral stability so you can move side-to-side fast and master agility exercises.
      The very low profile and 6mm heel drop means you get a responsive, direct ground feel while you train.
      And the lightweight and breathable 1-piece PU upper gives you great comfort and durability.
      With rearfoot GEL, you also get optimal comfort during your entire training session.
      And if you're working out on a hard court surface, the non-marking outsole means it won't leave marks on the floor.

      Amp up your speed and agility training with the new GEL-Exert™ TR, designed to give the athlete superior control in their movement based on their functional needs.
      The full-length, proprietary Flexion Fit® upper comfortably moves with every cut while providing support even for the most aggressive workouts.
      With lightweight cushioning in the low-profile SpEVA® Midsole, along with forefoot lateral outriggers and articulated flex grooves throughout the outsole, this performance trainer will give you the responsiveness and dynamic stability you need for every explosive movement.

      Rearfoot GEL® Cushioning System
      Attenuates shock during impact phase and allows for a smooth transition to midstance.

      ComforDry™ Sockliner
      Removable sockliner that provides cushioning performance and anti-microbial properties for a cooler, dryer, healthier environment.

      SpEVA® Midsole Material
      Improves bounce-back characteristics and decreases midsole breakdown.

      New blown AHAR outsole material. Delivers enhanced cushioning, durability and ride to the foot.

      California Slip Lasting
      For stability and comfort. Upper is stitched around a canvas or EVA board and directly attached to the midsole.

      # S410N-9099

      运动身体素质, 训练
      尺寸 (US)7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 13
      重量 (KG)0.7 kg