Asics Обувь Футбольная Lethal Stats 2 SK P308Y-2390

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      Asics Обувь Футбольная Lethal Stats 2 SK P308Y-2390

      Мужская Обувь | Бутсы | Футбол


      Суперлегкие футбольные ботинки для достижения высоких спортивных результатов.

      Максимум исполнения на футбольном поле!

      Преимущества и технологии

      Многофункциональные шипы
      для сцепления на травяных и грунтовых покрытиях.

      Высококачественная синтетическая кожа

      Комбинированная колодка

      Средняя подошва из материала Солайт

      Внешняя жесткая пластиковая пятка

      Внешняя подошва IT

      Подъём пятки на 10мм

      # P308Y-2390

      Asics Soccer Shoes Lethal Stats 2 SK P308Y-2390

      Men's Footwear | Soccer | Footwear


      • The flashy cousin of the LETHAL STATS IT- instead of kangaroo leather, it uses high grade, Japanese microfiber synthetic leather, for a colourful WOW factor.
      • A super lightweight boot with a high grip outsole, it’s similar to the Tigreor sole unit, with a stud pattern allowing for excellent release when changing direction.
      • The microfiber synthetic leather allows us to add an exciting new colour to our range, while the extra reinforcement on the lateral side is the same high quality microfiber synthetic leather material.

      This 10 mm difference in height between heel and forefoot offers the best biomechanical position. This protects and enhances forward motion, and reduces load on the achilles tendons, calf muscles, ham string and back.

      Removable Sockliner
      EVA sockliner moulded to the shape of the foot, which can be removed to accommodate a medical orthotic.

      Board Lasting
      For stability and durability. Upper is glued to a thin fiber board, then cemented to the midsole.

      Solid Rubber outsole
      Provides enhanced durability and traction.

      # P308Y-2390

      产品类别防滑, 鞋
      尺寸 (US)8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11
      重量 (KG)0.6 kg