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      Clinch Boxing Shoes Olimp C415


      Olimp Boxers are lightweight boxing shoes for athletes and amateurs.
      The top is made of soft, mesh polyester, and also has a hard sock made of durable suede material, which provides a longer service life.
      Symmetrical lacing creates a tighter and more comfortable fit for the boxers on the leg and additional stability.
      Boxers have special polyurethane inserts in areas of high stress, which will undoubtedly affect the service life.
      The rigid back reliably fixes the heel and ankle joint, preventing dislocation of the foot in a dynamic movement.
      The sole is made of foam filler, which has an anti-skid tread pattern and provides reliable adhesion to the ring surface, allowing the boxer to move confidently with lightning speed.
      Foam filler is conveniently fixed by the sole protector, which is attached to the heel portion of the boxers.
      Fully created model takes into account all the features of boxers and will provide maximum movement in the ring.

      AeroCool technology.
      Durable top of a dense breathable mesh supports a comfortable microclimate and removes excess heat and moisture.
      Heavy duty areas.
      Reliable lacing system.
      High leg for stability of the foot.
      Shock absorbing insert in the heel area to reduce shock loads.
      Durable outsole with fixation on the boxer fabric.

      Material: 100% polyester
      # C415

      Product TypeShoes
      Size (US)12.5
      Weight (KG)0.8 kg
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