Century Boxing Bag Freestanding Wavemaster 2XL Pro 10177

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      Century Boxing Bag Freestanding Wavemaster 2XL Pro 10177


      We present to your attention the Wavemaster PRO water-filled punching bag.
      The bag is designed to practice punches and kicks.
      Thanks to its durable material, it is designed for strong and intense impacts.
      High density foam inside the bag for shock absorption.
      The reduced base allows you to get close to the projectile and strike with maximum force without damage to equipment.

      Largest impact surface of any outdoor bag on display
      Possibility of commercial use (in martial arts halls, fitness clubs)
      Filling - high density foam for maximum shock absorption
      Rubber stopper to prevent water leakage
      Ergonomic base design allows you to get as close as possible to the projectile
      Innovative integrated bag attachment mechanism with base allows maximum impact force without damage to equipment
      Assembled height up to 175 cm
      Bag: 45.7 cm diameter, base height 132 cm
      Base: 71 cm diameter, base height: 36.2 cm
      Filled weight 123 kg

      1 box: 171x48x48 cm, 11.6 kg
      2 box: 72x40x72 cm, 10 kg

      Made with high-density foam padding for maximum impact absorption, the Wavemaster 2XL Pro features the most padding of all the Wavemaster bags, plus a longer striking area for practicing kicks and punches.
      The tapered base allows for an unimpeded stance for athletes of all sizes.
      Bag and base lock in place, while the base can be filled with water or sand.

      Approximately 270 lbs. (122kg) when filled with water.
      Bag: 18" (46cm) Diameter x 52" Tall (132cm)
      Base: 28" Diameter (71cm)
      Base Height: 14.25" (36cm)
      Total Height 67" Tall (170cm)

      # 10177 (10177BKK - black; 10177RK - red; 10177BLK - blue)

      Product TypePunching Bags
      ColorBlack, Blue, Red
      Weight (KG)22 kg