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      Century Boxing Bag Freestanding Arashi 770 1019421


      Century Arashi 770 is designed to practice punches and kicks.
      It will help you hone your technique, increase the strength and speed of your blows.
      Suitable for both beginners and experienced athletes.

      The model has excellent shock absorption and stability, it makes it possible to practice wide-radius impacts.

      Also, the main advantages of the model include the ability to move to any place where it will be convenient to train.
      To move the projectile, it is enough to separate the base.

      The base (base) is filled with water or sand and remains stable and stable even during the most intense workouts.

      To assemble the bag, fill the base with water (sand), place the bag on the base and connect the zipper.

      Manufactured in the USA.
      Size: diameter 33 cm, height 142 cm
      Base size: diameter 49 cm, height 13 cm
      Weight (not filled): 8 kg
      Material: vinyl covering and foam filling
      Color: black / red
      # 1019421

      Product TypePunching Bags
      Weight (KG)8 kg