Adidas Перчатки для Тренировок ADGB

Buy Adidas Перчатки для Тренировок ADGB

article #ADGB-12232
article #ADGB-12232
article #ADGB-12233
article #ADGB-12233
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      Adidas Перчатки для Тренировок ADGB

      Тяжелая Атлетика Аксессуары - Тренировочные Перчатки


      Перчатки для работы с гирями, гантелями, штангой и другими снарядами.
      Мягкий материал между пальцами улучшает подвижность, подушки защищают ладонь от трения и утомления.
      Круглые шнурки помогают легче снять перчатки.
      Печатки выполнены из «дышашего» материала для максимального комфорта.

      Материал: Лайкра, Неопрен.
      Цвет: Черный
      Размер: S/M | L/XL
      Вес: 0.017 кг
      Вес упаковки: 0.115 кг
      # ADGB-12232 | ADGB-12233

      Adidias Training Gloves ADGB-12232

      Weightlifting Accessories - Gloves for Training



      Athletes know that having the right equipment is the difference between success and failure.
      The soft material between the fingers allows for mobility whilst the padded palm protects you from friction and fatigue.

      To be your best:

      Wear the gloves whenever you are going to be demanding hard work from your hands.

      Coach says:

      Some people seem to think that rough skin on their hands is a 'badge of honour' that results from lifting weights in the gym we don't go along with that so on top of giving you a secure grip on weights, wearing these gloves will help you get the physique of an athlete without the nasty side effects.

      Designer notes:

      The thumb and palm design mimics the anatomy of your hand to ensure that wearing the gloves only enhances your performance rather than hinder it.

      Material: Lycra, Neoprene.
      Color: Black
      Size: S/M | L/XL
      Weight: 0.017 kg
      Tare weight: 0.115 kg
      # ADGB-12232 | ADGB-12233

      Product TypeGloves
      SportFitness, Weightlifting
      SizeS, M, L, XL
      Weight (KG)0.15 kg