Adidas Перчатки Тяжелоатлетические Кожаные ADGB

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Categories: Adidas Тяжелая Атлетика Аксессуары   WL Перчатки  

      Adidas Перчатки Тяжелоатлетические Кожаные S/M ADGB-12124 (L/XL ADGB-12125)

      Тяжелая Атлетика Аксессуары - Перчатки для Тяжелой Атлетики


      Перчатки для занятий в тренажерном зале с гантелями, гирями, штангой, а также с медицинболами, скакалкой и другим инвентарем.
      Это легкие перчатки, которые предлагают защиту запястья и улучшенный хват, когда Вы занимаетесь спортом.
      Усиленная двойным швом кожа на пальцах и ладонях.
      Застежка – липучка.
      Эластичный ремешок из ПВХ облегает запястье.

      Материал: Кожа, Нейлон, Полиуретановая пена.
      Цвет: черный
      Размер: S/M, L/XL
      Вес: 0.017 кг
      Вес упаковки: 0.115 кг

      # ADGB-12124

      # ADGB-12125

      Adidias Leather Lifting Gloves S/M ADGB-12124 (L/XL ADGB-12125)

      Weightlifting Accessories - Lifting Gloves



      These are our lightweight minimalist gloves which offer protection and an enhanced grip when you are using weights or having fun with functional fitness equipment like medicine balls and ropes or simply when you are on the floor working with your own bodyweight doing fantastic exercises like press ups and even stretching.

      To be your best:

      Put them on before you start your work out then just forget about them and let them do their job.

      Coach says:

      Your skin has a hard life.
      During an average day they have to cope with heat, water, chemicals and friction.
      These fantastic close fitting anatomical gloves mean that when you are working out it's only your muscles that get harder rather than the skin on your hands.

      Designer notes:

      One of our main aims is to make people want to exercise more, we believe that something as simple as wearing these anatomically correct gloves is the difference between just doing exercise and actually enjoying it.

      Material: Leather, Nylon, Polyurethane foam.
      Color: Black
      Size: S/M, L/XL
      Weight: 0.017 kg
      Tare weight: 0.115 kg

      # ADGB-12124
      # ADGB-12125

      Product TypeGloves
      Weight (KG)0.15 kg