Adidas Трехгранная Гантеля 5 кг Черный Цвет ADWT-10015

Buy Adidas Трехгранная Гантеля 5 кг Черный Цвет ADWT-10015

фитнес оборудование - неопреновая гантеля fitness equipment - neoprene dumbell # ADWT-10015
article #ADWT-10015
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      Adidas Трехгранная Гантеля 5 кг Черный Цвет ADWT-10015

      Фитнес Оборудование - Неопреновая Гантеля


      Трехгранная форма, не позволяющая гантелям кататься.
      Неопреновое покрытие для предотвращения выскальзывания.
      Прочная и надежная железная конструкция.
      Продаются по отдельности.

      Вес: 5 кг.
      Материал: Кованная Сталь.
      Цвет: Черный
      # ADWT-10015

      Adidas Three-Edged Dumbbell 5 kg Black Color ADWT-10015

      Fitness Equipment - Neoprene Dumbbell



      A set of weights is the perfect solution for some people because their strengths and weaknesses mean that they simply can't use the same size weights for all the different exercises.
      1kg increments ensures that the jump from one weight to the next is large enough to stimulate the muscles differently but not so big that it is too challenging.

      To be your best:
      Perform smooth flowing movements whilst holding a weight in each hand; if you find that you can perform more than 20 of a particular exercise think about doing a harder version or increasing the range of movement or speed of each repetition.
      Coach says:
      For many years cardio training was the only method recommended for fat burning but more recently the benefits of resistance training have become increasingly more recognised as an essential component of weight management programmes.
      Designer notes:
      Not only is the neoprene finish to these dumbbells comfortable for increased usage, it helps protect your property so when you drop it, you need not worry about heavy damage to your floors.

      Weight: 5 kg.
      Sold individually.
      Material: Steel.
      Color: Black.


      Weight (KG)5 kg