Adidas Сланцы Perfanto Thong 909572

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Buy Adidas Сланцы Perfanto Thong 909572

adidas мужские сланцы (шлепанцы) # 909572
article #909572
sold out
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Categories: Adidas Men's Sandals, Slides and Flip Flops   Footwear for the Swimming Pool  

      Adidas Сланцы Perfanto Thong 909572

      Стильные мужские пантолеты в которых Вы будете ощущать комфорт с каждым шагом.

      • Синтетический прочный верх
      • Резиновая подошва
      • Гибкая, перфорированная подошва быстро сохнет
      • Удобные ремешки

      Цвет: Белый / Черный
      Материал: Синтетика
      # 909572


      Adidas Slippers Perfanto Thong 909572


      Call 'em flip flops, sandals, thongs or flips; whatever you call them, you can definitely call the adidas Perfanto Thong men's sandals stylish! These summer standards are ready to hit the beach, pool or party, giving you comfort and style wherever you go. The stripe-covered synthetic thong keeps your foot locked in, while the EVA and rubber sole cushions each step and gives you reliable traction. Perforations in the footbed make these the fastest drying cool sandals you've ever owned. The classic three-stripes logo is present on the straps, so you're going to easily show off your sporty style choice for the summer!

      • Synthetic upper is durable and offers great casual style
      • Rubber outsole provides reliable traction
      • Flexible, perforated midsole to absorb shock and allow for quick-drying ventilation
      • Comfy straps for a perfect fit

      Colour: White/Black
      Material: Synthetic
      # 909572

      Weight (KG)0.5 kg