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      Adidas Power Station ADBE-10250

      Sports Training Apparatus | Power Station


      Multifunction power station Adidas allows you to do at home and a large set of exercises for different muscle groups:
      The upper Thrust (maximum load 95 kg).
      GIM from the chest (maximum load 133 kg).
      Butterfly (47 kg maximum load).
      Rowing thrust exercise for the biceps (maximum load 98 kg).
      Unit foot (98 kg maximum load).
      Low noise weight plates are in a protective casing.
      Total weight stack 100 kg.
      Thick comfortable cushion thickness 65 mm will feel the comfort and focus on the exercises.
      Comfortable padded rollers with a diameter of 90 mm do leg exercises pleasant and effective.
      Widest range of motion will raise the effectiveness of domestic activities.
      Additionally, the set includes: two handles for lower linkage (direct and EZ-shaped), cuff for attachment to the upper or lower thrust lever for traction and lock with a combination lock to prevent theft of weights.

      Warranty: 5 years on the frame /on mechanisms for 2 years.


      Dimensions (cm): 183х105х212.
      Maximum user weight of 135 kg.
      Net Weight: 177 kg.
      Gross Weight: 188 kg.
      Packing: 6 bags.

      Color: Black
      # ADBE-10250

      Product TypeHardware
      Weight (KG)188 kg