Adidas Kettlebell 16kg ADWT-10315

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      Adidas Kettlebell 16 kg Black Color ADWT-10315

      Fitness Equipment - Weight Dumb-Bell



      Kettlebells are one of the oldest and most basic types of exercise dating back thousands of years; however our design team have used the latest materials and innovation design features to bring them right up to date.
      Unlike dumbbells, kettlebells are intended to be used at speed.
      The design of a kettlebell means that the bulk of the weight is offset from the handle.
      When you swing or lift the kettlebell the inertia of the swing can make the weight feel 3-4 times heavier than it really is!

      To be your best:

      Use the heaviest kettlebell that you can safely swing, we have 4kg, 8kg, 12kg and 16kg in the adidas range.
      Grip is important so hold the handle with your thumb and fingers in the corner where the handle and 'horns' meet.
      The classic kettlebell exercise is the 'Swing' - this move has the fantastic effect of not only engaging muscles throughout your entire body but also to turning each fibre into a fat burning furnace!

      Coach says:

      Training with kettlebells is for you if you want to do a quick and productive workout.
      When you swing a kettlebell in front of you, it might look like its a shoulder exercise, but actually 70% of the power is coming from your legs and buttocks.

      Designer notes:

      Even on the smaller sizes the handle is full size and the length of the 'horns' ensure the bell will sit comfortably on the forearm rather than on the wrist.
      The vinyl coating makes the kettlebell tactile and reduces the risk of damage to floor surfaces.
      Its 'flat bottom' design opens up even more exercise options because the kettlebell remains stable on the ground.

      Weight: 16 kg
      Sold individually
      Material: Steel
      Color: Black

      Product TypeAccessories
      SportTraining, Weightlifting
      Weight (KG)16 kg