Adidas Гексогональная Гантеля 20kg ADWT-10347

Buy Adidas Гексогональная Гантеля 20kg ADWT-10347

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      Adidas Гексогональная Гантеля 20 кг ADWT-10347

      Фитнес Оборудование - Гантеля


      В стиле "Old School" (Старая Школа).
      Созданы для тяжелой работы и частых тренировок.
      Кованное покрытие для увеличения долговечности.
      Рефленная рукоятка для предотвращения проскальзывания гантели в руке.
      Ручка и диски приварены друг к другу создавая "один кусок".
      Шести-угольная форма не дает гантеле кататься по полу.
      Вы можете тренировать различные группы мышц.

      Вес: 20 кг
      Материал: Кованная Сталь.
      Цвет: Черный
      # ADWT-10347

      Adidas Hexagonal Dumbbell 20 kg Black Color ADWT-10347

      Fitness Equipment - Dumbbell



      'Old school' style weights built for hard work and frequent workouts.
      Forged iron is coated to increase their durability.
      The grip is machine knurled to deliver a sure grip and the handle and disc are welded to give the strongest possible 'one piece' design.

      To be your best:

      Ideally you should consider having at least two sets of weights a weight that to you is medium and another set that is heavy - this way you will be able to train individual upper body muscles with the lighter set and target the biggest sets of muscles with your heavy set.

      Coach says:

      If you have a set of weights that are heavy enough to challenge every muscle group within 10 repetitions and you also have a bench, then you have the means to develop every aspect of strength and conditioning; Speed, Strength, Agility, Size and best of all Power.

      Designer notes:

      These weight are modelled on classic 'strongman' weights which just goes to show that some things are hard to improve upon.
      The welded one piece design enhances durability whilst the hexagonal shape stops the weight rolling away when they are placed on the floor.

      Weight: 20 kg
      Material: Steel.
      Color: Black.

      Product TypeHardware
      Weight (KG)20 kg