Adidas CrossFit Set 36zero ADAC-12250

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      Adidas CrossFit Set 36zero ADAC-12250

      36zero trainer


      • Versatile and adjustable attachment
      • 4 individual attachments
      • Rings, hand straps, foot straps and ab straps
      • Quick release handle interchange

      The adidas 36Zero Suspension Trainer is the perfect piece of fitness equipment to work your entire body without the need for heavy lifting.
      Utilising a series of different attachments from rings, pads, ab straps and handles, you can perform a multitude of upper and lower body exercises.

      Suspended bodyweight training is one of the latest, most radical and innovative types of exercise you can do to improve Strength, Power, Balance and Agility.
      The adidas 36Zero includes everything you need to use your bodyweight to train your upper body, torso, core and you entire lower body.
      The versatile anchor enables you to attach both horizontally and vertically.
      Hand grips and foot straps are quickly and easily exchanged for rapid effective muscle conditioning and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).
      Ab Straps for intense targeted abdominal exercises.

      Make use of each different attachment to ensure you are working a different set of muscles in each workout session.
      Strengthening your core is an important foundation for strength in other areas.
      Alternate between squat, pistol squat and pikes to give your core a varied workout.

      The 36Zero training plan allows you to use your body weight as resistance to take your training to the next level.
      It features a series of progressive workouts that include simple yet effective movements that challenge your body’s mobility, stability, strength, and explosiveness. Learn more about this progressive training below.
      The 36Zero training plan has four phases. To make the plan safe, effective, and fun, each phase should be completed in the intended order.

      phase 1:
      Phase one introduces fundamental movements to help you build a strong, stable torso—the foundation of all movement—to improve your ability to move and perform efficiently.
      This will be particularly helpful in later phases when workouts become more challenging.

      phase 2:
      Everyone has a dominant side of their body. Movement progressions in this phase challenge the right and left sides of your body independently.
      This helps each side move more efficiently on its own and improves how your entire body moves by decreasing muscle imbalances.

      phase 3:
      The third part of this plan challenges the solid foundation you’ve built in the previous phases with diverse movements that train your body from every angle.
      This phase helps solidify your body’s stability and strength.

      phase 4:
      In the final phase, workouts will challenge you to move more quickly from one exercise to the next and push yourself to maintain proper form the entire time.
      This phase will help you increase your muscular and cardiovascular endurance.

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