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      Adidas Boxing Gloves Professional Russian Edition adiBC16


      Boxing gloves ADIDAS RUSSIAN EDITION adiBC16 were released as part of the limited series "Russia" and are presented in the colors of the Russian flag.
      The outer coating of gloves is made of high-quality natural leather, which is characterized by high wear resistance and resistance to cracking, ensuring gloves durability and reliability.
      Specially designed anatomical cut gloves creates a comfortable and comfortable fit.
      The gloves have a pre-curved shape, their internal filling is made by I-Protech technology and is a molded liner of IMF foam with a high degree of compression, which guarantees a constantly high level of absorption of the impact force.
      The additional use of horsehair in the inner filling gives the gloves optimum rigidity, strength and provides the optimal level of protection for the boxer's hands.
      The thumb is sewn parallel to the fist and has enhanced protection that ensures safety when striking and protects the thumb from dislocations and injuries.
      The inner lining of the gloves contributes to the comfort of the hand inside the glove.
      Perforation on the thumb creates a flow of air into the inner space.
      Lacing securely fixes gloves on your hands, increasing the impact stiffness.

      Material: Leather
      Weights: 10, 12, 14oz.
      # adiBC16

      Weight (KG)0.7 kg
      Product TypeGloves
      Weight (OZ)10 oz