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      Adidas Boxing Gloves Glory Pro adiBCM06

      Adidas Боксерские Перчатки Glory Pro adiBCM06


      The adidas Glory Professional Boxing Gloves in the SPEED color.
      The adidas Glory Professional gloves are the quintessence of quality, style, comfort, speed and professionalism, if you want professional gloves then you need Glory Professional gloves.
      Gloves are made of 100% high quality handmade leather.
      Glory Professional with lacing, which provides a reliable fixation of the fist, reduces the likelihood of injury, increases the rigidity of the blow.
      Reinforced thumb guard.
      The gloves have openings in the palm that allow air and moisture to circulate inside the glove and it dries quickly and stays fresh and thus has a longer service life.
      The gloves are made of a composite injection molded foam insert of high pressure IMF (Intelligent Mold Foam Technology) with a combination of horsehair to give the optimal stiffness and consistency of the impact part of the boxing glove, which also provides a uniform level of shock absorption, which guarantees perfect protection for your hands.
      These boxing gloves are suitable for those looking for a safe, comfortable and professional glove where quality comes first.
      Composition: 100% high quality handmade leather.


      Professional gloves
      Excellent clenching of a fist with a glove.
      The top professional boxing glove in the adidas lineup
      Reinforced thumb guard
      Composite molded liner + horse hair
      Lace-up cuffs
      High quality handmade leather.
      Design and color of the SPEED collection.

      # ADIBCM06

      ColorBlack, Blue
      Weight (KG)0.7 kg
      Product TypeGloves
      Weight (OZ)10 oz, 10oz XL